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TIPS : Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

One of Disney World’s largest events is beginning in just a few weeks, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. This Halloween party is a great opportunity to see new shows, fireworks, and parades! Kids and adults also get the opportunity to trick or treat throughout Magic Kingdom! What could be better than trick or treating at the happiest place on earth? Nothing! My family and I have visited Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party every year and I want to share some helpful tips with you!
First, just like everything else with Disney, you want to plan plan plan! Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party only runs on select nights throughout August, September, and October. This party is an additional priced ticket to attend. It is extremely important to pick your day and buy your ticket ahead of time! The first time my husband and I wanted to attend the party, we didn’t buy tickets ahead of time and we weren’t able to attend the party because it sold out. This party is extremely popular and dates do sell out! So, get your tickets as soon as possible!
Going to Disney can get expensive. To spend $100 on a ticket to Magic Kingdom then another $74 – $99 on the additional ticket is a lot of money for one day. Instead of going to Magic Kingdom during the day, save your money and just pay to attend the party. Typically, you are able to enter the park around 5pm and are able to stay until midnight! All the popular rides are open and you save some money! It doesn’t get better then that!
I would also recommend taking the time during the day to relax and save your energy for the party. It can be a long day running around the parks then going to an all-night party, especially for the kids. So, take advantage of the pool at your rental property or hotel and just relax. You want to make sure your kids have the energy to truly enjoy this magical experience that is Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party!
Lastly, make sure to dress up! The fun part of celebrating Halloween is being able to get into your favorite costume and become whoever you want! This may be a good time to take your little girls who want to dress up as Princesses to the Bibbity Bobbity Boutiqe. If your boys or girls want to become Pirates? Take them to The Pirates League to be transformed just in time for the party! You know that your kids will have the best costumes at the party!
This is not something you want to miss, like my husband and me! Go get your tickets now!


Happy Sunday everyone! I know Sunday nights can be sad because everyone is getting ready for work tomorrow. So, I wanted to talk about something that always cheers me up. DISNEY! If you don’t like Disney, you may want to turn back now, but who doesn’t like Disney??
The reason I want to talk about Disney is because this past The Disney D23 Expo was happening. At this expo, Disney Imagineers let people know what to expect over the next few years. My favorite part of Disney is the constant changes and updates that Disney is making. You can always expect something new. I want to tell you guys about some of my favorite updates that are coming over the next few years.
First there is Star Wars Land. We all know that Disney has been working on building Star Wars in Hollywood Studios, but Disney has finally announced what Star Wars Land will be named…STAR WARS GALAXY’S EDGE. This area of the park will have different rides and places to explore. Check out our Facebook page to see pictures of the model for Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is said to be opening in 2019.
For me there was also some sad news…The Great Movie Ride will be closing. The Great Movie Ride is one of the last original rides in Hollywood Studios. I am personally a huge fan of the Great Movie Ride so I am sad to see this go, but it is always exciting to have a new ride to try. The ride that will be taking over will be called Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. As a huge fan of the Mouse, I am excited to finally see a ride that is dedicated the Mouse himself.
Finally, what I think is the most exciting news, TRON Rollercoaster is coming to Magic Kingdom!! This new rollercoaster is currently located in Disneyland Shanghai and it is easily the most popular attraction. It is the fastest attraction in all the Disney Parks. This new rollercoaster will be located behind Space Mountain. The Imagineers are planning on having TRON open for Disney World’s 50th Anniversary. This is definitely going to be a ride that you will want a fastpass for!
As you can see, Disney has a lot of fun and exciting projects coming up! You want to make sure that you are in the area to experience these new rides and attractions and there is no better place to stay than Casa Grace Victoria!

Help! Where do I stay?!

Hi again guys, I hope everyone had a good week! I know we did. We got to spend the week at Casa Grace Victoria with our family! It’s nice to go on vacation, but when a big group of your friends or family get to go, it is always so much more fun! So, since we stayed at Casa Grace Victoria, I figured I would talk about different options of lodging when you come to Orlando.

So, there is the obvious first option which is a hotel. Disney World and Universal Studios offer onsite hotels for their guests to stay at. There are also a ton of offsite hotels for Orlando vacationers near the parks. Then you also have the option of renting a home or condo.

I personally have spent a lot of time at the Disney World resorts, and I’m not going to lie there is something very special about staying on Disney property. You feel like the magic is always with you. The cast members are just as wonderful at the hotel as they are at the parks. Onsite guests get the privilege of using Extra Magic Hours in the parks. You have an option of using Disney free transportation to the Disney parks and the airport. It is important to know though that if you are planning on visiting any other parks, you will need to rent a car or use a taxi/ Uber to get there and back. Disney does not offer off site transportation. Disney offers different levels of hotels for different price ranges. There are Value, Moderate, and Deluxe Resorts. These hotels are a great option, but it’s important to remember that it is still a hotel room. So, there is limited space. Below I have listed the starting prices for each level of hotel. With each level, the hotels get nicer. It is important to remember that the prices change depending on when you visit.
• Value (All -Star Sports, etc.) – starting at $100 per night
• Moderate (Coronado Springs, etc.) – starting at $191 per night
• Deluxe (Wilderness Lodge, etc.) – starting at $326 per night

Universal Studios hotels also have their own benefits. They offer transportation to and from their parks. Unfortunately, though, you would have to find a way to and from the Orlando airport. When you stay in a Universal hotel, you will be able to get early admission into their parks. Universal also has different price options to choose from. Below I have listed the starting prices for their hotels. It is important to remember that the prices change depending on when you visit.
• Aventura – starting at $116 per night
• Cabana Bay Beach – starting at $112 per night
• Sapphire Falls – starting at $152 per night
• Loews Royal Pacific – starting at $208 per night
• Hard Rock Hotel – starting at $244 per night
• Loews Portofino Bay – starting at $256 per night

Now to what I think is your best option, not only because we have a house for rent, but mainly because you are getting the most for your money, renting a home. When you decide to rent a home, it is a totally different experience. Space is a big positive to renting! Everyone will not be crammed into one small room, but instead you will all have your own bedroom along with multiple living spaces. We all love being with our families, but that doesn’t mean we want to be on top of each other the entire time. You also have more space for more people at the same price! Instead of paying $150 per room per night for a group, imagine splitting $150 per night. Another positive is having your own personal pool. Instead of having so share a pool with hundreds of other hotel guests, imagine having to share it with just your family. I know what you’re thinking, Chels renting is expensive. Let me tell you, it really isn’t. You will spend the same amount of money on a 5-bedroom home that you will on 1 hotel room. Crazy, right?! Below I have listed our rates for you to compare.
Low Season: (Jan 2nd – Feb. 28th & Sept 2nd – Sept 29th) – $139 per night
Mid Season: (Mar 1st – June 16th & Sept 30th – Dec 15th) – $149
High Season: (June 17th – Sept 1st) – $159
Peak Season: (Dec 16th – Jan 1st & 2nd week of Easter Season) – $199

So, there’s a lot to think about. Each offers their own advantages and disadvantages. At the end of the day you need to decide what is best for your family not only price wise but fun wise as well!

Sometimes Kids and Adults Deserve to be Kids.

Hi everyone, thanks for visiting Casa Grace Victoria! I’m Chelsea and I want to be able to help you have the best Orlando vacation possible! My family and I have been visiting Orlando, especially Disney, for over twenty years. Over the years we have learned some different tips and tricks and would love to share them with you.

When starting to plan you Orlando vacation, the first priority is always when to go. The summer is typically the first choice. The kids are out of school and if you’re a teacher, you are out as well, but if you want to avoid crowds, this is not the time to head to Orlando. Luckily for us Orlando vacationers there are different ways to find out when the parks are predicted to be the busiest times of the year. The website I always turn to is This calendar will give a prediction for every park in Orlando for every day of the year.

Along with larger crowds, expect more expensive ticket prices and lodging prices if you intend to visit in the summer time. Parks tend to have peak seasons which is when they decide to up their prices because they are expecting larger crowds. Take Disney World for example, if you decide to visit select dates in February it will cost you $99 compared to July which will cost you $119. Hotels and homeowners do the same as well. Now, we can’t blame them right, but we can avoid them.

I would recommend visiting after the new year. February is typically the slow season. So, expect to see prices drop. Take us for example, there is approximately a $20 difference per night from July to February. I know, you don’t want to take the kids out of school and you don’t want to miss work, but everyone deserves a break. School and work can be stressful, and sometimes kids and adults deserve to be kids.

It is also important to know when different parks are having special events. Disney World has special events throughout the year, especially from August to December. They have Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party, The Food and Wine Festival, and Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party. Universal Studios also has special events such as Halloween Horror Nights (this is recommended for anyone above the age of 13).

Picking the time that you visit Orlando is crucial to having a relaxing and fun vacation! Keep checking back here to continue to get helpful tips for your next Orlando vacation!